MASSAGE with IVIE specialises in Sports Injury and Remedial massage and is  open for these services. This is in line with recent Govt announcements. 

 I am ready to help you recover from your injury or illness and take you to a better place

 Ivie xx


Hello & Welcome

It has been a challenging time for everyone but we should be available to help anyone who needs a lift up

I am an experienced sports and remedial massage therapist with more than 25 yrs experience.  I  love the sense of place & community in Ballarat.  My clients are my friends and together we work together to help each other and build a better place.

I specialise in Sports & Deep Tissue Massage. I have significant experience with high performing athletes but also work extensively with anyone experiencing stress, managing pregnancy , recovering from injury or simply looking for a positive uplift.

My skill is to both massage but also to listen & communicate with a style that will help soothe the soul

I can’t wait to help you ………. Ivie x


Ivie Kapitan


321A Raglan St South
Ballarat Central