Hello Gold Coast and I am delighted to say hello. 

It has been a challenging time for everyone over the past couple of years and I am looking to make a fresh and exciting start in the beautiful Gold Coast region. 

I have been a specialist for more than 25 years in deep tissue remedial massage.  My expertise can help sports persons , workers , families/children or really anyone who is looking for relief and improvement for any any physical challenge or injury. 

My job is my passion and my gift is to both provide massage but also to listen and communicate with a style that will help your soul.

I will be open to help from 11th April 2022 confirmed.  As it should be , it is easy to book

Simply follow the directions on my BOOK NOW tab .    A Map with directions is also provided below. 

I can’t wait to see you soon and help you be a better person ………. Ivie x


Ivie Kapitan


1970 Gold Coast Highway 
Miami  4220